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Everything you need to know about Hotograph

What is hotograph? and what does it mean?

Hotograph is the most social way to connect with your friends. Hotograph means Hot photograph.

How do I join? Is it free?

Simply register on the app using email, twitter, or facebook.... and yep it’s free.

What’s a Holla?

Holla is a 100 character text post giving you more freedom to express yourself than just limiting you to photos. You can also post it directly to Facebook and Twitter.

How is Hotograph (HG) different to Instagram (IG)?

Holla. Reposts. Collage. Messenger. Privacy; the photos you like do not appear on your followers news feed.

Can I control who chats to me?

Yes. In your settings you can limit the people who can chat to you to only those you follow.

Is 'Like' private?

Yes, any photo that you like will not appear on your followers news feed however there’s no stopping them clicking the likes of a photo and scrolling through the likers.

What is the Hot page?

The Hot page is a collection of the trending photos. They are the photos that are the most engaging in that period of time.

How do I get a photo I’ve posted to appear on the Hot page?

The Hot page is made up of the Photos that have been Liked the most number of times. A photo of yours will need to have a high number of likes, having many followers will help.

What is Repost?

Any photo or holla that you “Repost” gets posted on your page saving you time to screenshot then crop then upload. This will make photos grow rapidly and convenient.

Do the likes and repost accumulate when Reposted?

Yes. The aim of the repost is to make interesting content spread quickly.

Do i have control over who follows me?

Yes, you can accept or reject follow requests.

What is the ‘#’ used for?

A word starting with ‘#’ becomes a link to all photos relating to that photo tag. It also allows others to find your photo through the photo search.

How do I tag others?

You can tag friends and the people you fan using ‘@’ on any post. The person you tag will be notified.

How do I block certain users?

You can block anyone by going on their profile and selecting the block feature from their profille menu.

How do I get in contact with you?

Please direct any of your questions to

A World of Hotographers.